About Me

Studio process

Danka Design Studio provides services in Building design, Urban and Town planning, Interior design and Project management.

The practice focus to create practical and innovative spaces in built environment. We incorporate our education, skills and practical knowledge to achieve not only unique spaces but also secure necessary Council approval.

The balance of clean space, light and colour is important in our design practice. We keep the design principles simple and uncomplicated to allow ideas to develop with clarity.

Every site has own opportunities and constraints and therefore requires equally individual design solutions. Each project has its own identity.

With passion, dedication and hard work we strive to create designs that will satisfy our clients and we will be proud off.



Directors Experience

Danka‘s love for design originally comes from love of art and creative drawings. She strongly believe that design have to be functional as well as aesthetic.She has passion for organic architecture, heritage conservation, adaptive reuse and  particular interest in community driven design and the social value of architecture. The goals such as: “serve your client and community equally” and planning based on public wellbeing are part of her work.

During years she did work in various architectural companies, local Council and now in her own practice on Northern Beaches. She gained experience in residential, retail, institutional (Museum, Courts rooms) heritage and urban development both locally and internationally.

She holds Master in Architecture (Belgrade University) and Diploma in Town and Regional Planning (Sydney University).

In last few years she develops her own lamp design (certified by Copyright council Australia) and furniture.